Porchway Club Visit Bradelei For Their 50th New Member

Bradelei Lodge 9205 - 50th New Member

Last night was quite an occasion, one which The Porchway Club felt should be recorded and written up. Last night members of the Porchway Club attended what was a fantastic night at Belper Freemasons Hall, fantastic for a number of reasons. This was the first “proper” meeting since Covid-19 restrictions were lifted and also the first real outing for the “Porchway Club Tie”.

It was also our first visit to the newly renovated Belper Freemasons Hall, a top notch example of one of the halls within Derbyshire.

This meeting was also a landmark meeting for the Bradelei Lodge, it was the ceremony welcoming their 50th new lodge member since the lodge came into existence inn 1986 (a relatively young lodge in Freemasonry terms).

At the meeting was the Head of Freemasonry in Derbyshire, the Provincial Grandmaster (who is also the president of The Porchway Club). The Bradelei Lodge welcomed their new member, Brother Ball; who like all of us who join was given an absolutely fantastic initiation ceremony, he was welcomed into his new lodge and also The Porchway Club.

Bro Ball with the Officers of the Bradelei Lodge following his initiation ceremony
Porchway Members in Attendance
The Brethren of Bradelei Lodge No 9205